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Specialized Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Treatment for Neurological & Brain Disorders

We at Dr. Dassan’s Ayurveda, take a holistic approach for treating people with brain disorders. We do not just treat the symptoms of the ailment but we make an effort to completely improve an individual’s lifestyle through our ayurvedic medicines which work amazingly well in improving memory and intellect. Our medicines have a calming effect on the brain which improves nervous signaling and neuro-communication.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Male Reproductive Health

We at Dr Dassan’s Ayurveda, first try to understand the patient’s lifestyle, dietary habits and dosha. This helps us to understand the underlying cause better and we treat the patient accordingly. Ayurvedic medicines to increase sex drive, boost the overall reproductive health, improve sperm count and sperm motility are prescribed to such patients. We use vajikarana herbs which improve strength, potency and sexual vigour. With proper treatment, semen quality and hormonal health is improvised which leads to a happy sexual life and healthy progeny.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Disorders

We at Dr. Dassan’s Ayurveda, treat people with kidney disorders using a natural framework in which we try diagnosing the overall health of the patient by looking at their lifestyle, diet regime, and physical and emotional condition. We treat them using our ayurvedic medicines which are infused with magical ingredients having nourishing and diuretic properties. These medicines help in improving renal filtration and improving kidney functioning which in turn eliminates the toxins of the body through urine.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Joint Disorders

At Dr Dassan’s Ayurveda, we have come up with a natural & ayurvedic treatment for the people suffering from joint disorders. Here, the focus is on improving the person’s health in all aspects. We use our ayurvedic practices and herbal medicines which helps nourishing the joints and relieving the pain and inflammation in the joints. Our medicines have miraculously contributed to smooth & painless mobility.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Rectal Disorders

We at Dr. Dassan’s Ayurveda, treat rectal disorders through natural non-surgical practices. We aim at improving the overall lifestyle of the patient in all aspects and treating the disorder from its roots. The treatment focuses on improving digestion, regulating bowel movements, and fighting inflammation. Our medicines have wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects that work wonders in reducing the pain and itching caused due to rectal disorders.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Spine Disorders

We at Dr Dassan’s Ayurveda, offer a natural treatment for patients with spine disorders. We look at the emotional, physical and diet aspect in order to improve the overall health and rectify the root cause of the ailment. The appropriate lifestyle practices and ayurvedic medicines help reduce the pain, swelling and stiffness in the spine. This in turn helps the patients achieve a smooth, flexible & painless mobility.

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