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Brain On Capsules

The very complex organ, brain is not just a seat of intelligence but an interpreter of the senses, controller of the thoughts, memory and motor skills. All of this requires efficient nervous signaling that is dependent on the smallest functioning unit of the brain “the neuron”.

“Brain on” with the help of medicinal herbs such as Brahmi, Jyotishmati and Shankhpushpi helps rejuvenate the neurons. These are often classically categorized as “medhya herbs” as they are highly efficient in improvising intelligence and memory. Ashwagandha used in the medicine has a calming effect on the brain thereby relieving anxiety and sleeplessness.Our medicine has been clinically tested and is believed to improve mental status, enhance memory span and concentration ability on a long term basis. The ingredients have been highly concentrated in order to provide the most efficient outcome in fewer doses.







Products can be ordered only if prescription is uploaded.
Our products contain no animal ingredients in the proccess of manufacturing.
We believe in using only the natural ingredients in our products. Babul gum.
We assure you that our products are safe for the use of children.
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Brain On Capsules

The natural ingredients in brainon capsules helps in improving mental status, enhances memory span and concentration ability on long term basis. Brainon capsules treat neurological disorders. Brainon capsules diminish the concentration level of tribulin.


  • – Stimulates The Brain
  • Improves Cognitive skills
  • Strengthens the nerve cells
  • Calming effect on the brain

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Q.How do you treat Paralysis?

Ans. We, at Dr.Dassan’s Ayurvedic Formulations, have been treating patients with Paralysis for the last 65 years. According to the Shastras, our Govt. approved the patent medicine Brain On. It helps in reviving the Neurological system of the body. There is no specific treatment for Paralysis in allopathy. Allopathic medicines, such as Aspirin, dilute the blood but might not dissolve the clots. Our medicine (according to Shastras) dissolves the clots and helps revive damaged neurons.

Also, if the patient’s memory and speech are affected, we prescribe Brain-On along with Self-On.

Q.How does the brain on capsules work?

Ans. In case of a non-hemorrhagic attack, BRAIN ON helps in dissolving blood clots and helps in improving blood circulation in the Brain.

And, in case of a hemorrhagic attack, BRAIN ON helps in restructuring the punctured nerve and thus helps in reducing Oedema (swelling) & improving the blood circulation in the Brain.

Thus, stabilizing the disordered Neurological system.

Self On (made according to Shastras) helps in dissolving the clots and revives damaged neurons with time, thus, helping the Neurological system to function correctly and efficiently. Brain On, if given along with Self On, stimulates the Brain and provides strength to the Neurological system by reviving neurons.

Q.How much time will it take for the patient to get well?

Ans. If the disease is less than 2 months old, the patient could see significant signs of improvement within 25 days (only 1 pack).

In case of disease less than a year old, BRAIN ON will work as a Brain stimulator soon within the first two months of treatment.  The recovery of brain cells and clotting in the patient’s brain will give you an idea of how long will it take for the patient to become self-sufficient.

In the case of chronic/prolonged disease, it takes time to repair damaged Neurons; the patient will see signs of improvement within or at the end of 3 months. Thereafter, it will take 8-10 months or even a year (depending upon how severe the disease is) for maximum recovery.

The little improvement that takes place after the attack is because of the passage of time (it has nothing to do with English Medicine). And, after saturation, the improvement stops. Moreover, billions of cells get weak per second and ultimately most of them become dead. Brain on (Made according to Shastras) prevents cells from further damage and helps in reviving maximum weak cells.

Q. What if the Patient does not get well after taking your Medicine?

Ans. We have numerous records of patients who have gotten well after undergoing treatment from us. They believed in us and our medicines. They took an initiative, follow our 65 years of experience and your patient will get maximum recovery.

If the disease is less than 2 months old, the patient could see significant signs of improvement within 25 days (only 1 pack).

Unless it is a very chronic case, the patient will get maximum recovery if you follow us completely. In some severe cases, it takes time but it is worth it. You will not find any other treatment better than ours.

Q. What is the cost of the Treatment?

Ans. If you compare the cost of our medicine with other treatments, you will find that the cost of the entire course with us is much lesser than the cost you pay at once after the first diagnosis at a Hospital. A physiotherapist charges Rs.300-500 per day, which makes the cost of one month equal to Rs.9000-15000.

Our medicine will cost Rs.3000-6000/ month (depending upon the digestive power and appetite of the patient) which is 3 times less than the cost of Physiotherapy.

Q. Is there any side effects of your medicine?

Ans. No, there is no side effect of our medicine. It has a proper optimum dose according to Shastras. However, if the patient’s digestive system is not too strong, it is prescribed to follow the diet chart and dosage accordingly. In case the digestion is weak, then get in touch with our doctors and they will prescribe the dosage and the precautions accordingly.

Q. How can we buy your medicine?

Ans. Click Payment Methods. Also, if the patients belong to Punjab, J&K, HP, Haryana, and nearby states, ask them to visit our center at Jalandhar for free check-ups and Doctor’s advice.

Q. How many patients have you treated so far? Their contact?

Ans. We have numerous records of patients who have gotten well after undergoing treatment from us. You can see various <success stories link>. No other treatment has more effective results than our treatment.

Q. We are undergoing Physiotherapy. How does your medicine help along with it?

Ans: Physiotherapy only increases flexibility in the limbs, but, does not help in dissolving blood clots and does not help in repairing damaged Neurons. Brain On will help in dissolving blood clots and also help in repairing damaged Neurons.

Stiffness in the limbs can be removed using Body-Walk Oil. If you apply Body-Walk oil to the stiff parts of the body, you might not even require Physiotherapy.

Q. How does Body-Walk work?

Ans: Body Walk is made of 80 natural herbs. It penetrates deep into the skin and helps in removing the stiffness and soreness in body limbs, thus, increasing the flexibility of the body.

Q. How is Brain-On helpful for Paralytic patients?

Ans. Brain-On helps in stimulating the brain and protects from further damage. It also cures speech disorders. If given along with Self-On, it speeds up the recovery process. It is better prescribed for people with a good appetite and digestive system.

For any other query or assistance, contact +91-7355793557.

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