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Authentic Ayurveda

Dr.Dassan’s life Care - Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment and Research Centre

"Ayurved is as old as mankind," says Dr. Dassan, the proprietor of one of the leading Ayurvedic pharmacies in India. "When Brahmaji created man, he also created thousands of herbs to heal the sick and to keep people healthy". The science and knowledge of how these herbs were to be combined came to be known as Avurved.
Mindful Medicines
Our medicine making process is natural and in rhythm with the timings of nature. Nature is an alchemist with incredible abilities to change its ingredients into miraculous healing gifts. We create incredible cures for everyone by harnessing the intelligence, beauty and power of nature.Our target is bringing our people the best quality, real & valuable medicines. Our approach has always been “to keep things real” which is why we adhere to avoid any malpractices in our process of medicine making. The most crucial aspect of making Ayurveda work really comes down to the potency, ratio and the origin of the herbs. Lot of research and things are taken into consideration to procure the right herbs from the right source and in the right quantity to get the best results.
Natural Ayurvedic Medicines

Tradition at Scale

We have perfected the art of ayurveda over the years. We started the local practice of ayurveda eventually opening a factory because our mission is to bring Ayurveda to a large scale. We use traditional practices with a modern hue and make people understand its value & speciality and start accepting it and making it a lifestyle. We use ethical and traditional
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