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Employee’s Visual Journey|The magic behind medicine making

Employee’s Visual Journey|The magic behind medicine making

Knowing the beauty and purity of Ayurveda, we in our factory make our proprietary medicines with the idea of giving real and natural cures to people.

This blog is dedicated to the experience of one of our employee’s at our Ayurvedic factory.
“I am Bhupinder Ghuman and I have been working as a Video Maker and Editor at Dr Dassan’s Ayurveda. These months have been really delightful for me where I got to learn about many different things. I am amazed at how it has transformed me into a new person and has made me look at everything differently.
My everyday work is to photo-document all the products and medicinal processes that happen in this company. During my time here, I noticed that all their medicines are based on herbs and the timings of nature. By timings of nature, I mean that all medicines cannot be made throughout the year. Their medicine-making process here depends wholly on the seasons, availability of herbs and temperature. Whilst working on making videos & documentaries, I felt so fulfilled and deeply connected to nature.
When I used to shoot in the factory, I got fascinated by the phases that the herbs have to go through just to transform into a capsule of herbal goodness. I am fully inspired after seeing how their factory team people never take any shortcuts and stay dedicated throughout these long processes. What’s more amazing is the fact that they have been maintaining this traditional circle for 63 years now.
All these experiences made me want to share some beautiful moments that I captured whilst I was on one of my shoots for Gandhak Rasayan. Here are some beautiful scenes I would like you to see.”
I hope you enjoyed this visual tour of our factory where all the beautiful offerings of nature are transformed into potent Ayurvedic cures.
Stay tuned for more photoblogs.

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