Ayurvedic Epilepsy & Brain Disorders Treatment

Dr.Dassan ayurvedic treatment has been giving effective results in curing the patients suffering from epilepsy across India. The two products that work wonders on epilepsy are Brainon and Selfon.


Our Medicine

Brain On

Brainon Capsules helps in stimulating Brain Energy, Clinically Tried & Tested Medicine (treatment) for memory, anxiety, stress, strain, epilepsy, seizures and helpful in paralysis.

Enhances Memory And Learning Capacity The natural ingredients in Brainon Capsules helps in improving mental status, enhances memory span and concentration ability on a long term basis. Brainon capsules helps in treating neurological disorders. Brainon Capsules diminishes the concentration level of tribulin, an endogenous monoamine oxidised inhibitor which precipitates during anxiety. The soothing effects of Brainon Capsules are useful in treating sleeplessness and convulsions.

Therapeutic Use In Neurological Disorders Due to its anticholinesterase (antispasmodic), dopaminergic-neuroprotective (important neurotansmitter in the brain), adaptogenic and antioxidant properties, Brainon Capsules are very effective in the treatment of epilepsy, paralysis and speech defects also.


– Overcomes attention fluctuation, memory insanity, concentration impairment, language and learning disability.
– Behavioral disorders – hyperkinetic states, asocial behavior, temper tantrums, aggressive behavior.
– Attention deficit disorder .
– Anxiety and stress-related disorders .
– Nervine Tonic for Nervous weakness .
– Mental fatigue .
– Mood elevator .
– Enhances cheerfulness .
– Effective therapy in mild to moderate mental retardation .
– As an adjuvant in epilepsy, Seizures or fits and post-stroke paralysis as these conditions are also related to nervous system .

– 1 to 2 Capsules twice or thrice a day or 1 to 3 capsules twice a day after meals with milk or as directed by the Physician. For any further Query, contact our helpline.
– Proportionally decrease or increase dosage according to age, history & severity of the disease.
– Undertake treatment for minimum 30 days and after experiencing greater degree of relief, continue the medication according to history & severity of the disease.
– Brainon Capsules is proven to be safe, which ensures patient compliance even on long-term administration.

Being Ayurvedic medicine, no side effects have been reported even in long term use.

  • – Avoid constipation
    – Have sufficient sleep
    – Avoid junk food
    – Regular Exercise & doing Yoga are advocated
    – 4 to 6 peeled almonds daily
    – Mild Massage of the Head with almond Oil & other recognised oil.


  • Anupan: with water.
  • Route of Administrations: Oral
  • Side Effects: Not Reported.
  • Adverse Effects: Not Reported.
  • Drugs Interactions: No clinically significant drug interactions have been
  • reported till date.
  • Special Warnings: None.
  • Contraindications: None.

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