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"Ayurved is as old as mankind," says Dr. Dassan, the proprietor of one of the leading Ayurvedic pharmacies in India. "When Brahmaji created man, he also created thousands of herbs to heal the sick and to keep people healthy". The science and knowledge of how these herbs were to be combined came to be known as Avurved.

Our History

Dr. Dassan started his Ayurved pharmacy in 1959, after 63 grueling years of R&D. In these 63 years, he and his father perfected the medicines for diseases like kidney disease, paralysis, joint pains, piles, leukocoria, liver disease, spondylitis, sexual weakness, and skin problems to name a few. “This has all been possible because of my father,” says Dr. Dassan.

My father was instrumental in creating all the medicines,” he recollects fondly. And through continued R&D they now also have cures for kidney failure, impotency, epilepsy, cervical, blood pressure, and diabetes. But the job doesn’t end there; Dr. Dassans and his team are constantly working on developing medicines for ailments both, old and new.

What Ayurved boils down to essentially, is the quality and quantity of ingredients. The most crucial aspect of making Ayurved work really comes down to the potency, the ratio, and the origin of the herbs. We have to do a lot of research to procure the right herbs from the right source and in the right quantity, to get the best results.

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Why Us ?

Dr. Dassan’s ultimate objective is to open the world’s eyes to the benefits of Ayurved. We want the people to understand the power of Ayurved and also benefit from it.We have a permanent cure for many life-threatening illnesses without costing our patients lakhs of rupees.We want to spread the word and make people aware that Ayurved can save lives.

Treat your body like a temple, we’re told when we’re young. But when life’s stresses begin to weigh in on us, we forget to take care of ourselves. But Dr. Dassan is giving us a second chance to make things right again. We are changing the world by opening their eyes to a legacy that is healing the sickest patients without even lifting a scalpel. The mind of a scholar and the heart of a healer, Dr. Dassan is the new-age Ayurveda armed with an ocean of knowledge and the zeal to heal.

We supply our medicines to thousands of patients in India and abroad. We also maintain our patient records before we begin our treatments and their results after they start taking our medicines. We take special care of an extensive approach to each patient’s diagnosis and recovery. Sometimes we get patients who are gravely ill but don’t have the money to pay for their treatment. In such cases, we treat these patients for free